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Casual Heros Recruitment

We are a friendly group of players who like to group with friends, and that's reflected in the way we handle adding new folks to the guild. Our actual recruitment policy is listed in the charter, in section 9.

We are not seeking out any particular classes or levels, rather we hope to recruit people who are fun to play with, who are here for the enjoyment of the game and who wish to enhance their EQ lives by belonging to a community of friends that enjoy helping each other out, sharing a laugh, bopping mobs over the head with blunt or pointy weapons, and dragging each others corpses. We may raid from time to time but there is no commitment to a raid schedule on the guild's part, nor do we demand that people attend those which do occur.

In order to proceed with an application to the guild, you must have secured the sponsorship of two currently active guild members. They will help you through the application process. Once you have two sponsors, please register for the forum, if you haven't already, and fill out the application form. (Note: you must have an active forum account to fill out the form).

Thank you for your interest in Casual Heroes!