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Fuzzless Gets His Epic 1.5 - November 4th, 2007
Grats to Fuzzless on completing his epic 1.5 Sunday night! Getting epic weapons is a major milestone, now we just need to get him his 2.0. Thanks everyone for helping him out! - Ayhlend

Circle of Drakes defeated - September 9th, 2007
Another great raid. With our allies we again owned the Circle of Drakes event and Darlend got a great back item upgrade! Grats to Dar and thanks everyone for coming last night! We also took down Ju Rek, Colossus, and the shaman epic trees in PoStorms! - Ayhlend

Gratz sry i couldnt make it. - Krinsh

Fennin Ro killed June 9th, 2006
Another step forward in our journey to the Plane of Time! OoG raid in Plane of Fire tonight, Darlend seen here as we defeat the Elemental God of Fire :)

Darlend tanks Fennin Ro!
- Ayhlend

Evolved Burrower Killed - Apr 23rd, 2006
CH killed EB Sunday. Actually Ayhlend solo'd EB.. but thanks everyone for coming out at the end of the fight *1 hour* to cheer me on. Xvarin got the Orb. Now we just need to kill him some night Meglor is on. - Ayhlend

Ayhlend leads NCG Raid to throw down Emperor Ssra, Nov. 13
Ayhlend leads his second raid and both are amazing successes!! Took down Blood and the Emperor easily under great leadership. Keying the first Causal heroes for Vxed Thal : Ayhlend, Darlend, Ninweil, and Sendinnea. Way to go Heroes - Fleuder

Saryn killed in Plane of Torment! Oct 28th, 2005
Another great kill to add to the record books. In this case as a part of OoG alliance within the NCG. This is such a great shot by Ibekillin that I had to include it on the front page. Here you can see both Bazka and Darlend doing that tanking *stuff*!

Saryn versus Darlend and Bazka *and of course OoG :)*
- Ayhlend

Congrats Darlend on Epic 1.5! Oct 15th, 2005
Darlend becomes the first Casual Heroes member to complete her epic 1.5. Thanks everyone for helping her! - Ayhlend

Gratz Dar :wink: - Fleuder

Tier 2 DoN drops! - July 31st, 2005
Congrats to Darlend, Ninweil, and Bazka on getting their drops and completing Tier 2 of DoN progression! That's win #2 for our Sunday night raids! *And 2 out of 3 ain't bad!* - Ayhlend

Chandreax completes her Druid Epic! June 26th, 2005
Congrats Sendiinea, err Chandreax!

One Dead Slimy Dragon

Ayhlend trying out for the Norathean High Dive Team!

- Ayhlend

Congrats Chandrea, it was fun =^) - Fleuder

Casual Heroes hits Guild Level 5!
Thanks to a lot of hard work, from a lot of people, Casual Heroes on Mistmoore in EQ2 has achieved the first milestone guild level, 5! This unlocks some neat faction rewards, and the possibility of the first guild-raid zone to aid our fair city of Qeynos. - Kindy

NCG Hedge Raid - Win! - Dec 3rd, 2004
Thanks to everyone in NCG that came and did a great job on the Hedge raid! We had a great record on this raid. No one got lost or died on the way to the Hedge. A total of 4 deaths throughout the raid, with no one dieing on the hardest 7-mob room! *The chanters really had it together there at the end!*

- Ayhlend

Ayhlend leads successful Hedge Run
We successfully completed a Hedge Run, with a raid of 15 new friends, Keggers and GoER. We each got our flag for PoN-b and congrats to the winners of some nice loot. - Darlend

Website Under Modification
Since most of the Heroes have migrated to EQ2, the website and the forums, especially, are undergoing some changes. If you're a newcomer to the site, please register and/or post for access. If you're a long-time user of the site and you can't see things you used to be able to read, please let us know. Sometimes it's hard to test access levels. - Lathen

Casual Heroes Formed in EQ2!
Mistmoore server now contains a band of heroic, yet casual, adventurers. Lathen has the guildleader tag, and as we get caught up with people online, guild tags will be distributed to existing CH members. - Kindy

First Casual Hero Settles in Mistmoore (EQ2)
Anyone looking for the Heroes in that parallel Norrath known as EQ2, can find us on Mistmoore server. (As we gradually trickle in through delayed shipments, installs and patches) - Kindy

Darlend moved to Guild Leader of EQ1 - Nov 7th, 2004
Due to folks moving to EQ2 very shortly, Darlend has been chosen to run the EQ1 side of Casual Heroes. We expect Lathen will spearhead the effort to get CH running on EQ2 as the Guild Leader there. Some of us will be playing EQ1, some EQ2, and some both games. - Ayhlend

More Storm Giant Fun! Oct 8 '04
Well, this week we wound up another round of Plane of Storms Giant-keeeling, successfully, with around 10 more people now possessing their BoT key, and at least one more half-way there. Thanks all who came out, it was a fun time with you all as usual, and we met some new folks in Storms too, which is always a nice bonus. - Kindy

NCG evens up with Vindi! Oct 1 '04
2 Pictures are worth 2,000 words


- Kindy

Thurgadin Successfully Defended! Sept 20 '04
Congratulations to Lathen on Coldain Ring #10, and congratulations to ALL of the friends and Heroes who came out to do battle with the giants! What a RUSH! 3 hours of non-stop giant-slaying excitement. :) All 5 coldain heroes lived to pass on tokens of their appreciation. Congratulations to Ayhlend on the FT1 neck, Darlend on the Spear, and the other winners of the rolls at the end of the final battle.

- Kindy

Venril Sathir Down! Sept 16, 04
Congratulations Glimturen on a Gnarled Staff, for your epic! One drop to go! - Kindy

Congratulations Velika on cleric epic - Spet 9 '04
Ragefire died twice, we all had fun, clicky resses for everyone! Woot! Congratulations Velika, and many thanks to all who came out for our night of cleric epicing fun.
- Kindy

A week in Exile! Sept 6 '04
A fairly high percentage of the guild has spent the last 4-5 days playing around in one of the newer "pocket" zones SOE has added to the game, The Caverns of Exile. We've found new mob models, nice items, and last night tried on one the few scripted multi-group encounters in the zone, the Fireback Queen. Oh yeah-- we've also gotten to practice our CR skills a few time. The Queen did go down, however! Thanks to all the folks in and out of the guild who came out for this fun event. Pictures are posted here. - Kindy

More PoJ Fun - Sept 1 '04
Congrats go out to Velika and Bukgar, for completing their first PoJ trial earlier this week, and to Whymez for completing his last night! - Kindy

Heroes and Friends (1) PoS Storm Giants (0) Aug 28, '04
Woot! Last night we had a very fun romp around the Plane of Storms, a sizeable (6ish) contingent of Heroes, and some friends-- Kuldail, Aamento, Tellenda, Sugarina, Rex and Thunder. By the time we were done, there were 6 dead named storm giants, a lot of their defeated minions, and 9 more people with the BoT flag! Can't wait to go back for more! (Oh, and I can't forget our two Typhoon Lorok friends, who insisted on helping out when they weren't breaking charm) - Lathen

Belated Congratulations to Kinday: 8th Shawl!
Kinday completed her 8th shawl on Aug 14. I took screenshots but only got around to processing them today. Here's a picture of her with the Avatar of Below. Good work, Kin!

- Lathen

Congratulations Darlend on her Epic!
Darlend has completetd her epic quest! Look for her sporting the coolest looking sword in all of EQ. Way to go! - Lathen

The Deep - August 3rd, 2004
Eniadar, Corelenla, Kinday, Lathen, Whymez, and myself went to the Deep last night and crossed the invisible bridge.. and no one fell off either! It was like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Here is a screenshot.

- Ayhlend

Good Weekend! - August 1st, 2004
Darlend was able to turn in her pieces last night to attain her Fiery Avenger in Plane of Sky! Thanks to Vivienne and Ceppon for their help in getting her there and back out again. The raid with NCG in Chardok went very well with the raid able to get the chanter epic drop from the Prince, but the other royals still eluded us. - Ayhlend

Busy Night! July 12 '04
Congratulations to Eniadar on two epic drops-- the Staff of Elemental Mastery: Earth in The Plane of Hate, and the Dirt of the Underfoot in Burning Woods. Congratulations to Skarresmoore on the Minor Signet of the Dark Soldier in Hate also, and to everyone who came out for it, for the smacking around of Severilous

- Kindy

Congrats Beithir on Epic! July 7th, 2004
Beithir becomes the 3rd Hero to achieve Epic owner status! Congrats on all the hard work getting there! Thanks as well to all the folks that helped out from Keggers, Guardians of the Emerald Rose, Dekorume's guild, and of course the Heroes that put in time to help make this happen.

- Ayhlend

Casual Heroes Join Norratian Council of Guilds! - Jul 6 '04
We have joined the Protectors of the Lost Faith, Good Companions and the Keg 'o the Month Club, at the invitation of the PotLF to create the Norrathian Council of Guilds, an alliance of like-minded family guilds interested in progressing through some of the larger and more difficult encounters in EQ. Friday in Kael was our innagural raid, and we're happy to be aboard! - Kindy

Epic Activity: June 30 - July 5
A number of epic mobs have been suffering spankings at the hands of the Casual Heroes over the past week. Here are some snap shots:

Fish for Dinner

Beithir's Conquest

"Are we rolling on the bag?"

- Lathen

2nd Hero to Achieve Epic - July 27 '04
Congratulations Istmael on Monk Epic. Many thanks to all who came for the final fight and to all the camps and fights leading up to it, esp those from our allies who made the time. - Kindy

Plane of Sky - June 25th '04
Thanks to all who came out to the Plane of Sky last night- despite a slightly rocky start, everything went very smoothly after that. A big kudos to Ist on raid leading, and coming up with solutions to various suprises along the way-- a boss mob where she wasn't supposed to be at pull spot for Monk epic battle, NON-aggroing mobs who didn't want to be pulled, working out tactics for 3-4 mobs at a time in camp without any crowd control too. It was an interesting evening. :) Oh yeah, and a lunatic spawning 5,000 ft up in the air, out of range for key turn-ins.

Congratulations to Istmael on Monk epic drop, and Rexillius and Ninwell of GoER on ranger epic pieces. Gratz also to Handolaf on his first trip into the planes, and to all on getting key parts. Next time, we'll finish keying Pegasus Island, and head over to have a chat with the Mage and War epic mobs.

Clearing Trash in PoSky
- Kindy

Congrats Darlend on Torn Burnt Book! June 20th, 2004
Congrats to Darlend on a major piece of her epic!! A long time coming as Nagefen and Vox both refused to cooperate. Thanks to Istmael on organizing the raid and everyone for coming to help out!

Tal the dead dragon in Skyfire!
- Ayhlend

Congratulations Beithir and Glimturen! June 19 '04
Congrats to Glim and Beithir on PoJ trial of execution and their first planar flag! Thanks to all those who came out, including Lathen who took the traditional death to the executioner at the end of the first trial. - Kindy

PoJ Trials - That Mavuin really caught a reprieve! June 15
Congratulations to Ayhlend, Istmael and Darlend on their first planar flags! Thanks to all who came to help. We will get more people flagged soon. Many thanks also to Fudgesundae of Asylums's Edge for coming and helping out with the last trial. - Kindy

Preparing for War! June 11 '04
Last night a group of noble (yet casual) heroes, along with a friend of theirs, aided the Coldain by eliminating nearly half a dozen traitorous dwarves who were secretly aiding the Giants of Kael. In thanks for eliminating this threat to his nation, King Dain Frostreaver the Fourth awarded the rare Coldain Heroes Ring to our leader Lathen. Congrats Lathen on Coldain ring #9, and we are really looking forward to doing the Ring War for the last one! Thanks also to Glimturen, Eniadar, Sanguinne, Aamento, Istmael, and Kinday for coming, and a very special thanks for not only coming to slaughter dwarves, but also brewing up that Avalanche Ale, goes to Darlend.

Lathen and the King, Chillin' in the Hall
- Kindy

Congratulations Sanguinne and Eniadar! - June 8 '04
Congratulations Sanguinne on the achievement of your 8th coldain prayer shawl! Way to go! The major hurdle to be overcome was the new collision system, as the General kept getting stuck in the landscape and warping around. With the help of some folks from the Guardians of the Emerald Rose, as well as the Keg 'o the Month Club and a few other friends, even a buggy collision system couldn't stand in the way. Thank you so much to all who came out and helped with this event.

- Kindy

A big YAY goes to Eniadar too, for hitting 65 yesterday! Woohoo! - Kindy

First Hero to Reach 65!
Congratulations to Sanguinne, who is the first member of Casual Heroes to ding 65 while wearing our guild tag! - Lathen

Miscellanious Progress
Congratulations to Eniadar on his first Marsinger item-- (possibly the first quest Eniadar has finished?) Congratulations Sanguinne on PoJ trial Flag! - Kindy

what? I got my Epic! But seriously, 2nd quest completed and Im ashamed to say that Kinday and Lathen handed me the tradeable things, told me when to loot the NO DROP, and then told me who to give it to. I really appreciate the jump-start because now I want to get the rest of them! - Eniadar

Woowoo! Epic drops! - May 24 2004
Congratulations to Skarresmoore on the Hand of the Maestro and to Eniadar on his Staff of Elemental Mastery: Fire! We had a great time, with 8 folks in attendance, and pretty much had our run of the places we tried out. We will be headed back to Hate again soon, as we still have Marsinger drops needed for many many people, as well as at least 3 more epic drops there that I am aware of.

- Kindy

Hate those Epic Drops..
Please sign up on the forum if you're interested in coming out with us next week to try to get drops for the enchanter, warrior and mage epics from the Plane of Hate. - Kindy

PoJ Pre-Flagging
We were surprised by how easy it was to get to Mauvin on the Plane of Justice for pre-flagging. We still need to get flags for a few folks, so we'll finish that up soon. Who's ready to do a trial!? - Lathen

Kael Plate House - Apr 30 '04
5 cycles of the plate house and 3 plate drops is a pretty decent deal. Congratulations to those with their quest turn ins to do now. Thank you all Heroes and Guardians who came out, and especially Aeaolil for organizing the festivities. - Kindy

Another Epic Night a Success! Apr 23 '04
Congratulations to Sanguinne on his Xolion's Rod dropped of Vessel Drozlin in East Cabalis, and congratulations to Velika on her LAST pearlescent shard! Another Woohoo goes out to Sugarina of the Guardians of the Emerald Rose, as that big ol' fire elemental, Ixiblat Fer, was extinguished again last night. Lamentably, neither of the mage mobs dropped their goodies, despite being rather thoroughly roughed up and pounded upon. - Kindy

Prince and King DOWN! - April 20 '04
Congratulations to Sanguinne and Velika for their epic drops off of the Chardok Prince and Overking respectively. Thank you to all who came out to this fun event- it was a long night, but it was a good time. Next time, the Queen.. and the king again too, and maybe the prince just for fun while we're there. :) - Kindy

Chardok Royals Planning - Apr 16 '04
Drop by Raids and Events, if you're interested in joining us on our trip to "visit" the royals in Chardok. If you can't read the forum, and are registered, there is a place to post access requests. (once again, we ask you use your main in-game name so we know who you are) - Kindy

Veksar - April 9, 04
Thank you to all who came out to farm Veksar's named mobs- we picked up some nice drops for people. Congratulations to Darlend on the Soulscream Belt and Razorsharp Shon'tok, to Bukgar on the Ribbon of Empathy, to Glimturen on the Kunzar Death Shroud, to Lathen on the Eyepatch of Warding, to Skarresmoore on Battleworn Ch'Ror, and to Sanguinne on Razorsharp Shon'tok. Also, congratulations to me on 58 and druid complete heal. - Kindy

Planning for Chardok - April 4, 2004
We need to hit Chardok pretty soon, as we have lots of people who need epic drops from their ugly rulers. Please check Raids, Groups and Events and take a peek at the relevent post. - Kindy

Upcoming Events - Mar 30 '04
Don't forget to check Raids and Events in the forum- there's at least one event planned for the weekend you might want to sign up for. With a bit of luck and planning we'll put something on for Sat. also. - Kindy

Ixiblat Fer and Spirit of Rage down - Mar 13 '04

Congratulations to Velika on epic drop, and Eniadar on Belt of Flame.

Congratulations to Beithir

Thank you again to all who turned up! After downing these epic mobs, we want on to Skyfire to work on the enchanter and bard pops there, but they declined to answer our invitation. Nonetheless, many spell drops were picked up as well as a number of pearlescent shards, for Veli. One more do go! - Kindy

Kael, Revisited - Mar 12 '04
Thanks to the Keggers for inviting us along to Kael again. A good time was definately had. This time we picked up the torn silk turban for Ayhlend, (congrats) and added Semkak Prophet of Vallon to the mobs downed list. See you all tomorrow night! - Kindy

Down in the Hole - March 11, 04

Thank you to everyone who was able to come out. We downed the Ghost of Kindle for Sanguinne's epic, as well as the Keeper of the Tombs for Darlend's epic. A good time was had by all, so far as I could tell. Sorry I didn't get any better pictures. - Kindy

Epic Night - Mar 08, 04

Congratulations to Velika on the Plasmatic Priest's Robe, and to Kinday and Ceppon (from KotMC) on the green stone from Venril Sathir's remains. We will, eventually, manage to get the monk epic drop out of that castle, but in the meantime will keep on harvesting the nifty wristbands off the warlord for the casters. Have faith Ist, it will spawn. - Kindy

Guild Library Now Open - March 07, 04
Many thanks Ayhlend for getting this working. All guild members and allies should now be able to see the library link on the left side of the main page. Anyone with a guide they'd like to see added, please contact an officer in the guild. - Kindy

Plane of Sky Mar 05, 04
Thanks to all who came, and congrats to those who picked up haste belts. (Lathen, Darlend and Kegleg).

- Kindy

Big thanks also goes out to the Guardians of the Emerald Rose for joining us and helping make the raid a success. Congrats also to all that got keys, there were a lot of them! - Ayhlend

Reluctant Reavers - Feb 27 '04
Despite overwhelming force, last night's Reaver raid with the Keggers in CoM did not turn up the axes so desired by epic-skeeing druids. However, a number of gear upgrades for both Keggers and Heroes, as well as a pile of spells, were collected. Congratulations on all winners. Here's hoping for a longer reaver chain than last night's record of "2", next time. :) Thank you again to the Keg of the Month Club for inviting us out. As always, it was a pleasure to play with you guys! - Kindy

Coming up this weekend - Feb 26 '04
We're raiding with the Keggers on Friday, this weekend, and we'll probably try to take another crack or two at Kedge if we can manage it. Please check raids forums for timing and details. - Kindy

More Fun in Kael! - Feb 21 '04
Congratulations on Corroded Plate boots to Dekorume, and to Velika for some very nifty gloves! A very nice pair of SK boots when to rot, but c'est la vie. Congratulations to all who participated on an excellent job of pulling together under fire when we had 3 unmezzable adds. We made it through, and carried on to victory. Congratulations also to Lathen, on 8th Coldain ring. - Kindy

Fun in Kael! - Feb 20, 2004
No armor drops, but we brought down one of the protectors of Zek!

- Lathen

Frog Raid! - Feb 16th, 2004
The Crushbone orcs learned to dread the Casual Heroes frogs tonight! With a full raid force of level 1 frogs the guild made mince-meat of them! Check the forums for details.

- Ayhlend

Sushi! - Feb 13 '04
Mr. Autropos, of Kedge Keep, had an unfortunate Friday the 13th this month, as 13 Heroes descended on him, laid him on some rice, and wrapped him in seaweed. :) Congratulations on Epic drop for Eniadar, and quest item for Skarresmoore. After the fish in the gaudy robe was disposed of, we had false starts on epic attempts for Kinday and Velika, but were then able to round out the evening with the doppleganger's head for Aeaolil. Epics are starting to slowly come together! Congratulations to all. It was a very fun evening. Screenshots should be forthcoming. - Kindy

Phinny Raid - Feb 13, 2004
We're planning to spank Phinny this Friday to get epic drops. Check the Raids and Events forums for more details. - Lathen

Sebilis Keys Done (Mostly) - Feb 02 '04
All but a very few heroes had were able to complete their keys for Old Sebilis this evening. Thanks to Skarresmoore and Sanguinne for instigating the keying. It was a successful night, with 7 folks keyed, and a couple of drops for folks- A nice haste item for Aeaolil, a new spell for Glim, and a small swelling of the guild's coffers. Thanks to all who came. - Kindy

Casual Heroes Attend Open Naggy Raid - Jan 31 '04
A picture is worth 1000 words.

Congratulations to Lathen on Red Dragon Scales! And to Sanguinne and Kinday on Heirophant's Crooks, and to Eniadar on a Brown Chitin Armguard. - Kindy

Coldain Ring Quests - Jan 28, 2004
TONIGHT we'll be running though the tasks for the second to fifth Coldain Insignia rings. If we have enough people and things go smoothly, we may try one or two more of them. We'll meet on the PoK at the Great Divide stone at 7:30pm MT (6:30pm PT/9:30pm ET). If you arrive later, no worries -- Eastern Wastes is a wide open zone: you should be able to get to us easily. - Lathen

Hand of the Maestro DOWN (again) Jan17 '04
Epic drops fell for Sanguinne (In Field of Bone - King Kong was felled, and the earth reverberated as he did so) and Lathen (The Hand of the Maestro was given the finger, as it were).

Also some warrior armour drops, and a few Marsinger quest pieces for some of the Keggers. Another lovely night out with friends. Thanks all who came. - Kindy

Plane of Hate - Jan 16, 2004
The Keg of the Month Club has invited us to join them on the Plane of Hate this evening. Please see our forums for more information. - Lathen

Naggy Down (Wish we'd done it!) - Jan 10 '04
Naggy heard we were coming, and took a hike. He was not up when our advance party scouted earlier this afternoon, and since our most reliable info indicates he was dropped last Sunday, he won't re-pop until tomottow. :( Instead, we're thinking of Kael. More details in the forum Raids and Groups area. - Kindy

Next Hate Night Scheduled - Jan 10 '04
Next Friday (the 16th of Jan) we're hitting the Plane of Hate again with the Keggers. This weeks visit was very successful, with both guilds getting epic, armour and marsinger quest drops. The Hand of the Maestro was downed, and is on the schedule again for next Friday. Darlend picked up her pally epic piece, and a very good time was had by all. Thanks Fudge, for resing the Druids, the evening's only casualties. Next week: Friday Jan 16th, 7:00 PM Eastern, outside the PoK small bank! - Kindy

Naggy Raid! Sat Jan 10, 10:00 PM Eastern!
Check the Raids, Groups and Events forum for details! - Kindy

Corrupted Fleshfiend Killed - Jan 3, 2004
Thanks to the Keg folks and also Ellisianda we were able to pick up a quest drop FIVE times for folks wanting to do that quest. This was a level 60 Shadow Knight that hits 400 HPs a whack two times a round! Click the picture go directly to the thread.

- Ayhlend

Happy New Year! -- Jan 1, '04
Welcome back from holidays all those who have been travelling and out and about, and may the new year be splendid for one and all! - Kindy

Looking for Heroes - Dec 17, 2003
Casual Heroes is now looking for a handful of players to expand our ranks. We are especially interested in clerics level 39 or above, but welcome any player who shares our casual yet heroic approach to the game. - Lathen

Christmas Party Date Set - Dec 14th, 2003
11 PM mountain, 8:00 pm Pacific, Tuesday Dec 16th, at the Arena (Unless occupied, then we'll divert elsewhere) for fun, games, and maybe a little eggnog. Lathen-Ball is merely one of the diversions proposed for the evening. - Kindy

Dragon Attack Poll -- Dec 12, 2003
Members, please visit the boards and read the dragon attack thread in the raid forums. - Lathen

Quest Day A Success! - Dec 9th, 2003
Yesderday (Dec 9) should be counted a great success in the annals of our guild. In addition to one obsessed druid's completion of the 3rd Coldain Shawl (Many thanks again for your help Sanguinne), our fearless paladin Darlend had her 44th level heal quest completed, and one of our noble enchanters had his tradeskills facillitated by the addition of many crystalline silks to his inventory. It's nice to get some of those loose ends wrapped up. - Kindy

Nagafen II: The Pay Back - Dec 4, 2003
We have two dates we're contemplating. Please visit the forums to state your availability. We also need to make final revisions to our plans. And we need to do something about that dog that keeps barking off in the distance .... - Lathen

Regrouping! - Nov 24, 2003
Preparations are underway for a return to Lavastorm. Revitalize yourself, polish your gear, sharpen your weapons, dust off your spell books. - Lathen

Attack!! - Nov 21, 2003
Form up in Lavastorm at the SolB entrance at 7:00pm PST (10:00pm EST). Please make yourself fully conversant with Buk's attack plan to maximize our chances for success. And most importantly, HAVE FUN! - Lathen

Final Preparations - Nov 20, 2003
We are nearly finished gathering our resist gear, and we have a good solid list now of who will be in attendance. Last steps now are to make sure everybody understands their role in the plan AND that Lord Nagafen is up and waiting for us when we arrive tomorrow! - Lathen

Tonight we will be knocking down fire giants to set up a spot for late arrivals to camp out at. Anyone is welcome to join in on this. Primary goal is to make the fire giants dead and clear a path for those wanting to camp out until tomorrow night. - Ayhlend

Update: Skarr was successfully inserted and is ready to spawn tomorrow as our secret surprize for Nagafen. Another guild had a go with Nagafen last night and had a wipe with Naggy at 60%, they told us it was mainly due to fear. If you are doing any last minute shopping might be sure to get some extra MR gear. - Ayhlend