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Links to other important websites.

EQ Traders
This is a great website that is dedicated to EverQuest trade skills. There are also walk throughs on some of the newbie quests and recipes for almost everything EverQuest related including spells.

EQ Atlas
This is the place to get great maps of the EverQuest zones. Also this site has links off the zones into bestiaries and usefull information about the lands of EverQuest.

The Safehouse
The Safehouse is SO much more than a rogue site. In my opinion the "community" that is the Safehouse has solved more quests in the history of EQ than any other group. (A close second is The Grove). This is an excellant resource for many things EQ.

Allakhazam's Magical Realm
As many know and love it. Allakhazam's has been around forever.

Casters Realm
The Casters Realm has info for ALL classes. It is a very easy to navigate, quick loading site for all things. AA points, spells, disciplines, etc etc. etc. The other nice thing is they keep their news page fairly updated with EQ info.

Graffe's Wizard Compilation
Has been, and probably still is the #1 source for all things Wizardly in EQ.

Stromm Tavern
Is the default Msg Boards that active Board surfer visit every day all day long. This is the public board so many people go to for info. Example, you will find here the "Server First's" list that lists all firsts for our server and which people/guilds accomplished them.

GU Comics
Just cause I need a laugh in my day, and these always do it well.

Another comic site, only this one only updates their comics every other day. (Mon, wed, fri + one on weekend)

EQ Newbie Zone
Lots of good info here, not just for newbies!

Tamm's Compendium
Nice List of odd stuff!

WTF Comics
Fun EQ strip Glimturen found for us.

Searchable LDoN Stuff List
A very handy little tool for looking up the junk available at the LDoN adventure camps.

EQ2 Furniture Gallery
If you want to see what something looks like before picking it up for your house.

EQ2 Dev Tracker
What do the folks who make the game have to say.

EQ2 Heroic Opportunities Guide and Listing
And excellent resource to explain the effects and starter chains, requires for all classes Heroic Opportunities.
This website has great information about Depths of Darkhollow missions and rewards with links to Alla's.

Raspers expansion guide
Here is a link that lists each expansion with the loot tables, progression, faction and quests for each.