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Lefaaz's Story

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PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2008 11:44 am    Post subject: Lefaaz's Story Reply with quote

Note: I was inspired to write lefaaz's story on here after reading Vkanda's

I was born in a small village where I was a totally diffrent person than I am today. For one I was a daughter of the chief of the village I was rich, spoiled and unaware of the dangers of the outside world. My true name was not Lefaaz it was Lelana.
I had two brothers each of them tough and aweinspiring in my eyes. My oldest brother Pamal was the one i looked up to the most he brought in the most food at the end of the day, even more than my father. He was strong, stronger than anyone in the whole village. Every year we would have a contest to see who was strongest. Pamal had been the champion five years in a row.
My other brother Ganek wasn't as strong as my brother but he had a gift for nature magic. He'd befriend animals and take them home with him. I remember one time he took a giant spider home, my father was furious and they had the spider returned to the woods.
Myself I wasn't as talented as either of my brother's for my parent's discouraged me devolping what they called "men's work." women in my village were forced to cook, clean and wait on the men.
As i grew older I foound out my father wished to marry me off to highest bidder I did not want this, I wanted a life of adventure, i wanted to to do "men's work." I had confronted My father about this and he didn't want to hear a word.
I was to marry the richest man in town, Clzan. he was the son of my father's adviser and had no feelings for me. He was constantly seen escorting whores to his home. He wanted me just so that he'd have a position within the chief's house.
A month before the planned wedding date i ran into someone that would change my life forever. He was a man know as the blind ranger, he came from the tree city of Kelethin and offered to train me if I came to his new home half a mile away. I was overjoyed at his offer but there were several problems, one was my upcoming marriage and two was that i was not a male.
Days went by with me trying to find a way to solve my prediciment, when two days before the set date it occured to me. I's fake my own death and wear the clothes of a man.
Lelana died a day later and Lefaaz was born. With a new name and new clothing I set out to find The Blind Ranger who when i arrived told me he was expecting me. For 20 years i trained as a ranger under his guidance until the day the raiders came.
I was out foraging when the orcs killed my master. after killing my master they went on to my old village and killed everyone. I was mortified.
As soon as i buried what was left of the bodies I became a hunter. I had sworn vengeance.
I tracked the orcs for weeks until I found them in Faydark, they had stopped to torment two young Mage's. I located the ringleader of the group and shot him. As he died the Mage's realizing the orcs were without a leader helped me to destroy the rest of the pack.
The mages hailed me as their hero and took me to Kelethin when I asked. When I arrived at the tree city, I knew that i had a new home.
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