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Casual Heros Charter

Casual Heroes is a group of friendly EverQuest players on the Stromm server who have banded together to achieve common goals. Those goals include the establishment of a structured community, the pursuit of fair and open guidance that allows for diverse viewpoints, and most importantly the commitment to having FUN.

As a member of Casual Heroes, your actions will reflect on the guild as a whole.

1 Playing Nicely

1.1 All members are expected to treat other adventurers in the lands with fairness and honesty. If you have a grievance with another player (guild or otherwise), you are asked to try and work out a solution with said player in /tell's. Never bring your problems to an open channel (ooc, shout, guild, etc). Failing to resolve your problems this way, you are encouraged to seek out a guild officer to assist you with your problem, and as a last resort, contact a GM.

1.2 Casual Heroes will follow the rules set forth in the End User License Agreement (E.U.L.A.). Cheating, intentional training, kill-stealing, fraud, or any other form of player harrasment will not be tolerated. We are an honorable and respected guild; we will not conduct ourselves in any way that will tarnish this reputation.

2 Guild Chat

2.1 We Heroes are a group of mature players that enjoy the game dynamics and occasionally sharing an off color joke or two. However, in chat, the excessive use of vulgar language is not acceptable. If the use of foul language becomes commonplace, you will recieve a warning. If it still continues, additional steps will be taken to insure that it is stopped. Remember, this guild is here for fun and enjoyment of the game, not to see how many four letter words you can put together in one sentence.

2.2 We are very tolerant of playful teasing and role playing in chat. We however respectfully request that you limit the linking of your new gear and uber loot in chat, as it can discourage players who spend less time in game, or who just lost the /rand roll that you won. Before you link an item, please take a moment to consider why you're doing so. This guideline is not intended to prohibit linking of items completely, and in fact, linking of major drops, epics, and time consuming quests is encouraged. The purpose of this guideline is to curb excess showing off of uberness without consideration for others.

2.3 Casual Heroes discourages the use of chat channels for selling items or services to guild members. Please use the boards for this activity. We also ask that guild members show some consideration when selling to one another.

3 Loot

3.1 In terms of raiding and distribution of loot, THERE WILL BE NO FIGHTING IN GUILD CHAT, RAID CHANNEL, or RAID CHAT. Our loot distribution policies are published or discussed and open. It is your responsbility to know those policies BEFORE you attend a raid. We are promoting a family type of atmosphere; if you have an issue during a raid, please address your raid leader through the proper channels.

3.2 For Casual Heroes, personal gain is secondary to the goal of strengthening the guild as a whole. All loot acquired helps us grow as a guild, from the simplest cloth bracer to the No Drop items in Plane of Time. Sharing with your fellow guild members when you no longer can benefit from an item is encouraged, but not mandatory. Please keep in mind that our guild as a whole is better than its individual parts.

3.3 Casual Heroes is a friendly guild here to help each other, our friends, or any fellow adventurer in need of assistance when we are able. We recognize the difference between need and want and act accordingly.

3.4 Casual Heroes considers Need Before Greed (NBG) to apply only to the need of the character actually present in the group that acquired the drop. NBG does NOT apply to alts, unless you're currently playing your alt. (In which case, it wouldn't apply to your main). Items can be acquired and passed onto alts only if no one in the group can use it on their main, or if the group agreed to a pure greed roll on an item no one considers an upgrade. This applies to all guild groups, unless the group specifically decides and states otherwise at its formation. Pickup groups will obviously have their own rules, decided on by the group at the time of it's formation.

4 Grounds for Guild removal

4.1 Any violation of the End User License Agreement (E.U.L.A.)

4.2 Gross violations of the code of conduct and guild charter.

4.3 Repeating a more minor offence that has already been dealt with by a warning.

4.4 Abuse of any guild position whether temporary or permanent (officer, raid group leader etc) for personal gain whether monetarily or otherwise.

5 Leader and Officer's Duties

5.1 The following duties apply to all officers:

5.1.1 Upholding by example the conduct asked of all guild members in the Charter. This includes holding members to those standard when lapses are witnessed. This may mean sending a /tell letting someone know they're out of line, or more drastic measures, depending on the nature of the offence. This may include booting.

5.1.2 Post a summary of what happened with the guild-removal of any former members removed to the closed guild forum. This should be done in a way that will not violate anyone's privacy, or get into naming names in an issue, but just simply state the basic issue and what action was taken. Also can be stated if an appeal is permited, or pending, of re-admission to guild. Also if you boot anyone from the guild, move that person's posting priviliges back to inactive on the administration page.

5.1.3 Take responsibility for snuffing out problems before they get too far along, whether in game, on the channel or in the forum. Inappropriate posts or threads can be moved to the officer's forum on a temporary basis if they seem to be getting out of hand, until it's decided what the outcome should be.

5.1.4 Keeping internal officer disagreements out of the eyes of the general membership, and contained within the officer channel and/or forum.

5.1.5 Making an effort to meet and get to know as many members of the guild as possible.

5.1.6 Auto-join guild channels.

5.1.7 Participate in the forum. This includes responding to requests for input on guild policy. Even if you don't have "the answers", everyone's opinion is worthwhile, and it really helps to know what people's thoughts are when policy discussions are taking place.

5.2 In additon to general duties, Guild Leaders have the following specific responsibilities:

5.2.1 Selection of new officers, in conjunction with other officers.

5.2.2 Removal of officers when necessary.

5.2.3 Responsibility to instigate an officer level vote when final decisions are required on matters of guild policy, including revisions to the charter, opening and closing of recruitment, and the establishment of formal alliances with other guilds.

5.2.4 The guild leader will chair a guild-wide meeting on a monthly basis (or more frequently, if the membership calls for one). The purpose of the guild-wide meeting will be to provide a place for members to speak their minds on policy matter and guild direction on an equal footing. (Note that guild-meetings for the purpose of conveying information will not be necessary, as most information will be conveyed in the online forums.)

6 Grounds for Officer Demotion

The following offences are grounds for demotion of officer to member:

6.1 Failure to perform the duties required by the position held. (ie: Banking officer never posting updates, raid leader never leading raids, recruitment officer never participating in recruitment process, etc.)

6.2 Failure to perform general duties of officers listed in the job description.

6.3 Failure to either be impartial or to remove yourself from the debate when the topic generates emotions/strong feelings. Ie: When it's you that's been wronged by an offence against guild rules, you might not want to get too involved in the appeal process, etc.

7 Appeals process

7.1 Anyone removed from the guild can appeal their removal by contacting an officer other than the one who guild-removed them. This should ideally be the enforcement officer. They will send that officer a email or private message with their side of the story.

7.2 The officer contacted with regard to an appeal will post to the officer forum with the story of the person making the appeal. That person should have provided this story in either Email or Private message form, so that the officer doesn't have to type the whole thing in themself, make it presentable, etc. Their job is posting, not writing up a defence.

7.3 The removing officer will also post what their side of the story is. These posts will have 3 days to be debated in the forum, during which time more questions can be asked of both parties (by the guild enforcement person, preferably, as questions come up in the officer's forum.)

7.4 At the end of the 3 days, there will be a vote on the officer forum in poll form regarding re-instatement. Conditions such as a 1 month probation can be applied to a re-instatement. Factors such as whether the person has previously been booted and re-instated should be considered heavily in this decision.

7.5 The appeals process described above will be open to any officer who believe s/he was demoted unfairly.

8 Raiding

8.1 Raiding is OPTIONAL. By this, we mean NOT MANDATORY. EVER.

9 Adding New Members

9.1 Eligibility

9.1.1 A player who wishes to join Casual Heroes must not belong to another guild at the time s/he applies for membership. 9.1.2 Players who wish to join Casual Heroes must have been unguilded for a period of 3 days at the time they fill out our application form. This restriction is designed to maintain good diplomatic relations with other guilds on the server. 9.1.3 A player who wishes to join Casual Heroes must have the sponsorship of two other players who are already voting members of the guild. Voting members of Casual Heroes are all those players whose characters hold member rank or above. The sponsors will have specific responsibilities during the period of candidacy. These duties are defined below.

9.2 Sponsorship

9.2.1 We heroes want to be guilded with like-minded people who share our approach to the game and who endorse our goals. One of those goals is to ensure that we maintain our identity as we grow. To protect that identity, we will be screening players who wish to join us by insisting that they secure the sponsorship of two people who already belong to the guild. 9.2.2 When you agree to sponsor a candidate, you are saying that 1) You have grouped with the candidate more than once and think s/he is an honorable battle companion (no ninja looting, no fleeing in combat, etc.); 2) You like the candidate and think s/he will get along with us in chat; 3) You feel strongly enough about adding this person to our guild that you are willing to fulfill some obligations during his/her candidacy.

9.3 Application Steps

9.3.1 The candidate gets to know at least two Casual Heroes well enough to secure sponsorship. Ideally, the candidate will already have been a member of our ally channel and will be known to most of the guild as a whole. 9.3.2 The candidate registers on our forums and fills out the application form. This includes naming the two Heroes who have agreed to serve as sponsors. It also will include a declaration that the candidate has been deguilded for the period of time specified in the eligibility clause above. 9.3.3 An officer of Casual Heroes will ensure that the application meets all the eligibility requirements. If the eligibility requirements are not met, the officer will alert the sponsors so that the candidate can fix whatever is wrong. If the eligibility requirements are met, the officer proceeds with initiating the candidacy.

9.4 Candidacy

9.4.1 Applicants who meet our eligibility requirements will enter the guild as candidates. This involves the following: The period of candidacy lasts for two weeks. Candidates receive candidate access on the forums. Candidates will immediately receive a Casual Heroes guild tag and be identified as candidates in the public note section of our guild management tool. Candidates will have limited access to the guild bank. This will be highly variable based on the items that are in the bank at any given time, so it will need to be monitored on a case-by-case basis.

9.4.2 A thread will be created in the Candidacy Forum of our online forums with the applicant's name. The thread will be used by members to provide input on the applicant as s/he goes through candidacy. The sponsors should monitor this thread closely. If an issue arises in the candidacy thread, the sponsors will consult the candidate for clarification and/or guidance. 9.4.3 At the time the candidate thread is opened, a poll will be enabled for voting on that applicant's membership. Thus, the poll will be open for the entire duration of the candidacy. 9.4.4 If the membership requirements defined in section 9.5.2 are met before the candidacy period has elapsed, an applicant can be accepted into the guild at that time on the recommendation of his/her sponsors.

9.5 Membership

9.5.1 A poll will be enabled in the candidate's thread to vote on his/her acceptance into the guild. 9.5.2 For a candidate to be accepted into the guild, the following criteria have to be met: 75% of our current, active membership must have voted on the candidacy at the time of its conclusion. The term of the candidacy is defined above. If the percentage of voting membership threshold has not been reached at the time the candidacy closes, the candidate's sponsors can call for this requirement to be waived. The officers will hold an informal vote to accept or deny the request to waive the requirement. 70% of the votes cast must be "yes" votes. If 10 Heroes voted, for example, 4 no votes would result in a failed vote. All votes count the same. Thus, there is no miminum requirement of officer votes for a candidacy to succeed.

9.5.3 On the successful conclusion of a candidacy, an officer will delete the applicant's thread from the forum BEFORE giving that candidate member access. The candidate label will be removed from the guild tool, and the new member will enjoy equal access to contents of the guild bank. 9.5.4 Unsuccessful candidacies will result in guild removal. If appropriate, the sponsors can provide guidance that could result in a successful candidacy at some point in the future. 9.5.5 If something in the process went wrong and prevented an awesome player from getting into the guild, we as a group reserve the right to ditch the whole convoluted mess. The necessity of this will be apparent from the howls of dismay.

10 Amending this charter

10.1 Any member of the Guild may propose an amendment to the charter. To do so, that member will post his/her amendment in the Legislation forum of our guild boards. This post is the motion to amend.

10.2 An amendment will not proceed until an officer seconds the motion. An officer may ask for a rewrite or other clarification before seconding the motion.

10.3 Example of a sample motion.

Motion 110503A - Change of Loot guidelines.

Move to change section 4.3 of the guild charter to allow ninja looting if all members in a group happen to be female. The new section 4.3 would read:

4.3 Ninja looting: Ninja looting is bad unless it's an all female group.

10.4 Once an officer seconds the motion, a poll will be enabled that ALL members of the guild may vote on. The poll will be valid for 7 days.

10.5 An amendment will be approved if the following two conditions are both met:

    10.5.1 Sixty percent of the current membership must vote on the motion. Current membership, for the purposes of voting, will be considered members who have had logged into the game in the past two months.

    10.5.2 A simple majority vote will pass the motion.

10.6 In the event that a tied vote occurs on a poll regarding a legislative motion, the tie would be resolved by a new vote, restricted to the officers of the guild. If this vote also results in a tie, then the Guild Leader's decision on the motion will stand.

10.7 Approved amendments will go into effect as soon as practicable.