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Welcome to the Casual Heroes Website!

Casual Heroes is a group of friendly EverQuest players on the Stromm server who have banded together to achieve common goals. Those goals include the establishment of a structured community, the pursuit of fair and open guidance that allows for diverse viewpoints, and most importantly the commitment to having FUN.

Fuzzless Gets His Epic 1.5 - November 4th, 2007
Grats to Fuzzless on completing his epic 1.5 Sunday night! Getting epic weapons is a major milestone, now we just need to get him his 2.0. Thanks everyone for helping him out! - Ayhlend

Circle of Drakes defeated - September 9th, 2007
Another great raid. With our allies we again owned the Circle of Drakes event and Darlend got a great back item upgrade! Grats to Dar and thanks everyone for coming last night! We also took down Ju Rek, Colossus, and the shaman epic trees in PoStorms! - Ayhlend

Gratz sry i couldnt make it. - Krinsh

Fennin Ro killed June 9th, 2006
Another step forward in our journey to the Plane of Time! OoG raid in Plane of Fire tonight, Darlend seen here as we defeat the Elemental God of Fire :)

Darlend tanks Fennin Ro!
- Ayhlend

Evolved Burrower Killed - Apr 23rd, 2006
CH killed EB Sunday. Actually Ayhlend solo'd EB.. but thanks everyone for coming out at the end of the fight *1 hour* to cheer me on. Xvarin got the Orb. Now we just need to kill him some night Meglor is on. - Ayhlend

Ayhlend leads NCG Raid to throw down Emperor Ssra, Nov. 13
Ayhlend leads his second raid and both are amazing successes!! Took down Blood and the Emperor easily under great leadership. Keying the first Causal heroes for Vxed Thal : Ayhlend, Darlend, Ninweil, and Sendinnea. Way to go Heroes - Fleuder

Saryn killed in Plane of Torment! Oct 28th, 2005
Another great kill to add to the record books. In this case as a part of OoG alliance within the NCG. This is such a great shot by Ibekillin that I had to include it on the front page. Here you can see both Bazka and Darlend doing that tanking *stuff*!

Saryn versus Darlend and Bazka *and of course OoG :)*
- Ayhlend

Congrats Darlend on Epic 1.5! Oct 15th, 2005
Darlend becomes the first Casual Heroes member to complete her epic 1.5. Thanks everyone for helping her! - Ayhlend

Gratz Dar :wink: - Fleuder

Tier 2 DoN drops! - July 31st, 2005
Congrats to Darlend, Ninweil, and Bazka on getting their drops and completing Tier 2 of DoN progression! That's win #2 for our Sunday night raids! *And 2 out of 3 ain't bad!* - Ayhlend

Chandreax completes her Druid Epic! June 26th, 2005
Congrats Sendiinea, err Chandreax!

One Dead Slimy Dragon

Ayhlend trying out for the Norathean High Dive Team!

- Ayhlend